Fredrick Banting Essay

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Composting: All of the composting that we receive in Mikshan Ville garbage collecting service is sent to the factory where it is than separated into a different part of the Factory. Every couple of days it is emptied outside was it is then put into a bin outside were people can come and take the composting for their crops and gardens. Each house in Mikshan Ville have their own composting bin in there house so they can put all of their composting in. We recommend keeping the composting containers in the house or some were that animals have no access. The composting bins get picked up every other Wednesday with the garbage. Each of our family’s in Mikshan Ville has a restricted two bag limit of garbage. However if you need to put out an extra bag or two of garbage than you have to pay the price of $4, for a pink sticker to put on the bags of garbage that you have extra. If you do not put a pink sticker, than you will be fined $36 per bag. Garbage is picked up every Wednesday and if it a holiday than it will be picked up the day before. Once the garbage reaches the factory a worker separates the garbage onto different tracks t/hat lead to different rooms. The compost goes to one, the recycling goes to a different one and the garbage goes to another. The garbage is than mostly turned into its natural self. So the glass turns into bottles, paper turns into paper again, and the tin gets melted down and turned back into cans again. So if you think about it a tin, bottle or paper that you use today has been around for approximately 100 years or so. And this is how our recycling works too. Water systems: The water in Mikshan Ville comes from the lakes. When the water comes from the lakes it goes to the purification station were they purify the water by using chlorine and fluoride to kill bacteria and make it safe to drink. This water than goes to our toilets, sinks and

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