Frederick Douglass Persuasive Speech

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Alexis Stone Comp. /lit. March 7th 2012 “Be not discouraged. There is a future….The resistance encountered now predicates hope…. Only as we rise….Do we encounter opposition.” ~Frederick Douglass~ Evoked by a silent struggle Today we anticipate him with honors for his bravery, talents, dedication, and most of all determination. He has come a long way from the bloody beatings of slavery, to the malevolent victories. Due to the enlightenments of his battle to fulfill his educational career, he has become very powerful with his words not only physically but emotionally. He like many others took out the time to put forth the efforts of good role modeling material. Showing his skills and accomplishments, he has astounded the world with his knowledge. With a thought…show more content…
Not only will he distinguish the domestics of his successes, but he will evoke the steps he used to get to this destination. He will talk about the expositions of being an African American with a back bone, and what thought and emotions emerges with. Frederick Douglass will give scenarios on situations that had him pinned by a threshold. He will show the differentiations used to exceed over all who didn’t believe that he could be more than a just slave. He will end with talking about the confirmations of success and what that victory feels

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