Frederick Douglass Motivational Strategies

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Douglass’s strategies to his success Born into slavery, Frederick Douglass risks his life to obtain knowledge through different resources in his surroundings. He chose to step out of the rules he was born into and rejected the life standards that were given to him. He got the thirst for knowledge with the help of his mistress but when all doors were closed from there that did not stop him. His thirst just grew stronger and stronger. He went in search for other places and found different ways that exceled him in reading and writing. Douglass did not want to live the life of a slave; he wanted to be a free man because he could not stand any other way of living. He found courage and motivation in unusual places that kept him going and gave him…show more content…
The young boys never expected a slave to know how to read and write during the era of slavery, as Douglass was familiar with their expectations; it helped him use his strategy successfully. Douglass’s obsession of learning how to write, encouraged him to trick “with any guy who [he] knew could write, [he] would tell him [he] could write as well as him” (Douglass147). Douglass would get help from anyone who he thought knew how to read and write. The psychology of the young boys was expressed in their response to Douglass’s challenge “I don’t believe you. Let me see you try it” (Douglass147). Douglass challenged them in a specific way that would ensure an outcome. He tricked them by making the white boys think that it was a challenge; a game but in reality he was the one gaining from them and they were oblivious to it. They accepted the challenge not knowing that they were helping him. He put their abilities to the test which made the boys want to prove themselves and in doing so gave Douglass the knowledge he was seeking. It was one of the strategies that helped him acquire the skills he needed to learn to read and write. It helped him succeed as much as he could consider the time period he was in; Douglass did what he could to gain as much as he could through the little things he planned to
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