Frederick Douglass Introduction Summary

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This introduction, written by Robert G. O’Meally, informs us what to expect in this narrative about the life of Fredrick Douglass and his influences. It is basically a long summary of the book and then some. Robert G. O’Meally thoroughly mentions all the most significant parts of Fredrick Douglass’s life that’s described throughout the book. He begins the introduction with a personal reflection, describing how a white woman in his class was taken aback by how much African American material was assigned in the class. Not knowing how influential the history of African Americans and slavery has had a big impact on today’s society. But at that time, the black literary studies was just beginning to kick off and African American books were scarcely published, which is what made Fredrick Douglass one of the most celebrated writers in the African American literary world. This Narrative helped expose what slavery was really like and it motivated a lot of people who were abolitionists to fight for equality. Fredrick Douglass was born a mixed-raced, half white and half black, slave in Talbot County, Maryland where he literally had no idea about his family or who he was…show more content…
He would describe how torturous the beatings were and how poorly respected the slaves were. Fredrick stated that ex-slaves used to keep their mouths shut while being enslaved because that would save them from beatings and from being traded. Instead, the slaves used songs to tell their stories, and to this day, people of all color were really moved and overwhelmed by them. Fredrick’s sneakiness helped him escape slavery on September 3, 1838 and he landed in New York were he joined the Abolitionists and became one of the most influential black man in history. His determination influenced other slaves and ex-slaves around the south, he gave them hope when all seemed
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