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Frederick Douglass: A Journey to Freedom The years 1619 to 1865 were a dark time in American history. This of course is the time span in which slavery existed and in it’s existence this nation was overrun with pure evil. To consider a person less than equal and to enslave them for your personal profit and gain is a low amongst lows. Slavery was popular especially in the south due to the immediate need for free labor to work the fields and produce a profit. During these years a child was born that against all odds would come to change the world as it was known. This child was Frederick Douglass and he lived a very extraordinary life, a life worthy to look up to and admire. Having been born into slavery on an unknown date he lived a life like no other slave. He worked the fields and was used at will by his master, however his extraordinary life began to take shape early on as he quickly realized slavery was not a life for him. Knowing this he took the necessary measures to break free from the literal chains of slavery. He slowly but efficiently taught himself to read and write in secret during a time when slaves were forbidden to learn to read or write. He also managed to formulate a plan to escape and managed to do so. With his freedom he choose not to live a quiet life but instead chose a life of action in which he became a writer, speaker and most impressively he became an advisor to presidents and played a role in the abolishment of slavery. Early on Frederick Douglass revealed signs of greatness. His learning to read opened the floodgates of knowledge as well as the realization that his learning to read was the first steps needed to gain his freedom. He first learned to read from Mrs. Auld who enjoyed giving a young Douglass lessons until her husband forbid such lesson as he proclaimed "if you teach that nigger how to read, there would be no keeping

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