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Freakonomics Essay

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  • on April 20, 2009
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Causes and Signs of Suicide
“Suicide is the process of purposely ending ones own life” as defined by Medicinenet.com. Suicide is often seen by our society as a negative decision, though some attempts can be seen as understandable or honorable; such as a protest or to preserve the honor of another person such as a family member or a loved one. The human mind, or brain, is responsible for the thought processes and decision making that makes up our actions. The mind controls logic and reason, which in turn give a human being the initiative to take action towards something they believe in. If a person does not have appropriate chemical balance or counseling they will not be able to make logical decisions. Physician directed medication such as antidepressants and one on one therapy have been known to put a gap between making positive and negative decision making towards suicide. Though mostly teenagers take antidepressants, there has been a similar number of people eighteen and older who are medicated who have been found at risk -The New York Times. Although there are upwards of nearly a million reports of suicide each year only a fraction of the attempts are of teens and young adults. These reports have dropped in the past decade significantly.
The means of attempting and committing suicide varies. Guns are the most popular means of suicide, which accounts for more than half. In addition self mutilation such cutting one self and deliberately inflicting pain onto oneself   is seen as suicidal behavior though it does not always lead to suicide. More cases report that even car accidents and overdoses of   drugs that lead to death are overlooked as suicide cause they were not correlated. Another means is a physician assisted suicide, more known as a euthanasia. These have been deemed by the supreme court as illegal and unmoral by most but it is still recognized in one state as an acceptable way to end ones life, if approved by the individual. Where as a self incurred...

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