Freak The Mighty Rewiew Essay

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Being in Maxwell’s Shoes If I were to magically become Maxwell in the narrative called Freak the Mighty, I would do a few things differently than what actually happened in the narrative. At the scene of when Maxwell and Freak were attacked, I would have done it a bit differently than what happened in the narrative. Also, I would have done the scene where they were trying to return Loretta Lee’s purse back to her very differently. The last part of the book that I would have done very differently would be the end of the book. That is when Freak is hypothetically going to have his robot operation and gives Maxwell the vacant book/ journal so that Maxwell could write about all the pleasurable stuff that they had done together. So, although I thought the book was great to read, I have my own opinions about how the characters should have acted and done at different scenes in the narrative. This is the beginning of my narrative: Freak and I were walking home from watching the fireworks on the Fourth of July. While we were walking, Tony D. (aka Blade) and his gang attacked us. Freak was on my shoulders steering me left and right to get away from them. We got to the murky, muddy, and messy pond and I could tell that Freak wanted me to go into the pond. I decided, though, that the pond was too vile for anyone to go into it. Instead, I ran into the police station that was just half a mile away and we reported them to the police officers. The police quickly sped to the crime scene and caught the whole gang and put them into jail. The middle of my narrative begins with another one of Freak’s quests. In the middle of the night, Freak decided that we had another quest to accomplish. He said that it was like a treasure hunt except he already knew where the treasure was. So, we went to the sewer because Freak said that that was where he saw Tony D.’s gang drop the purse while

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