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People differ in the strength with which they experience their emotions. Some individuals experience and display their emotions intensely, while others experience and display their emotions mildly. For example, while watching a sad movie, one person may burst into tears, while another person may not react at all. This scale assesses your emotional intensity. Your score can range from 10 to 50; the higher the score, the more emotionally intense you are. Some individuals tend to be more emotionally intense than others. For example, neurotic individuals tend to have higher levels of emotional intensity than emotionally stable individuals; women tend to experience their emotions more intensely than men, and Americans tend to be higher in emotional intensity than Chinese. Your level of emotional intensity can have implications at work. Jobs place different demands on individual’s emotions and their expression of those emotions. In some cases, high emotional intensity is required. Trial lawyers, actors, and sports commentators all need to display their emotions strongly or weakly depending on the circumstances. In contrast, air traffic controllers and judges are typically required to keep their emotions in check. Whether the emotion is positive or negative makes a difference too. Those in the service industry are often required to display high levels of positive emotions during encounters with customers, but to not display negative emotions. Often, attempting to display (or not display) an emotion contrary to what one is currently feeling can be stressful and taxing and may result in feelings of

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