Fraud and Risk Assesment

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Fraud and Risk Fraud is a serious crime that affects individuals and groups differently. Whether it is a small organization or a large firm, fraud remains a relevant risk to the success of a company. Fraud that is uncovered within a company can often indicate the end of that organization's existence, which means that companies have to take special care to protect themselves as well as the many employees who depend on them everyday for survival. The advent of fraudulent cases where individuals within organizations take advantage of a company's profits through technology or other means has created an increasing important need for companies to invest in fraud risk assessments, which helps to protect the company and its members. Cases like Enron, Madoff and other fraud cases have left companies vulnerable regarding how to resolve potential problems that may be related to fraud. Fraud risk assessments, which is a series of assessments used to determine the likelihood of a member or organization “using deception to make a personal gain dishonestly for oneself and/or create a loss for another (Samociuk & Iyer, 2010).” Through the evaluation of the importance of fraud risk assessment and the elements of a good fraud risk assessment, one can better understand how fraud risk assessments can positively affect the success of a company. Fraud risk assessment is an important element of a successful corporation for several reasons. Most of these reasons revolve around a company's naivete to the potential for fraud. Most corporations state that they did not realize that they had a high risk of fraud, which causes one to ask whether fraud could be prevented (Samociuk & Iyer, 2010). This is often because most companies base their operations on trust among their employees, which often leaves a company vulnerable to the idea that their employees will work honestly. This is
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