Fraternization in the Workplace Essay

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When discussing ethical issues in the workplace there are several factors to consider and several methods to go about finding what is ethical or not and who has the right to privacy on such issues. One basic physical privacy right issue in the workplace would be issues concerning dating/ personal relations between employees. The corporate world is one workplace that continually has issues with this factor. Many businesses either corporate or small have policies concerning personal relations and many if not all ask employees from all levels to refrain from personal relations in the workplace. When it comes to the ethical reasoning behind shunning such relations there are different perspectives all of which conclude. From a utilitarian perspective, avoiding personal relations serves the common good of the workplace, meaning that many issues that arise from such relationships are avoided. One obvious affect avoided by business relations rules would be the fact that if a manager had a personal relationship with one of his employees and consequently that employee got a raise other employees would use the relationship as basis for the raise not that employee’s hard work and effort and visa versa. A boss may use the relationship between his/herself and an employee as basis for not promoting a partner. Buy avoiding these types of conflict and implementing restraints on these relationships utilitarian thinkers believe the common good is served and progress in the work place is work based not relationship based which insures equality among workers. Another perspective that would enforce relationship restraints would be the deontological consideration. Deontology also known as formalism affirms an absolute morality of an action. In deontology, an act is either right or wrong. There are no justifications for it, and its wrongness does not depend on the situation in which it is
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