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5 Week 3 2/12 Discussion – Visual Persuasion; Stereotyping; Perception and Reality & When presenting a media message (news story, advertisement, etc.) what 2/14 is more important: the literal presentation of information or its mode of presentation? What are some of the “tools” used by advertisers and PR firms? How does the knowledge and understanding of a culture come into play when creating media messages? What is the relationship between persuasion, propaganda and public opinion? Does the media reflect public opinion or help to shape it? What, if any, ethical and moral responsibility does the creator of mediated images have to the public? Webliography Weeks 4&5 2/21 Quiz #1 – Discussion – Graphic Design; Typography; Information Graphics & What is typography? How do typeface choices affect how people interpret a given 2/26 message? What are the general principals of design? How are these principals used to create media art and information? What has Saul Bass contributed to the field of graphic design? What are informational graphics (infographics)? How are infographics used in newspapers, magazines, television and the Web? What impact has technology had on the creation of graphics? Assignment: Due 3/5 – Print Design Project (Essay #2): This assignment is designed to help you 1earn to analyze concepts of graphic design. Please select a magazine advertisement from any publication that you think best demonstrates excellence. The object is to discover what makes an interesting and visually appealing print layout. Use your reading, the “Checklist for Print Advertisements” (p. 65) and “Checklist on Typography” (p. 157) from Berger to analyze the print layout you have selected. You must attach the ad you choose to a 500-word analysis explaining specifically how it corresponds to Berger’s list of visual

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