Franklin D. Roosevelt's Life During The Great Depression

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Great Depression The Great Depression was a global economic crisis that started in the early 1920s. This crisis leaded a depression around many nations and many young people. On October 29, 1929 there was a crash of the New York exchanges. The credit dropped rapidly after people kept on spending money, when they didn’t have any money. The stock market crashed rapidly, and took a big hit to the U.S. economy. Many investors put almost all their money into the stock markets. This made the Great Depression. On January 7th, 1953 Herbert Hoover sent a message out to the world and said please take out all of your money before you go broke and start working again. And before you go broke and don’t know what to do with your life. After the stock market broke down on August 7th there were 4.5 million people that were unemployment and didn’t know where to go to work and what they were going to do later in life. President Herbert Hoover appoints a Committee for the unemployment relief. And they were too late to take out all of their money and put it back into the bank. Franklin D. Roosevelt handles the great depression very well, because he went to the court of additional Justices, and created a new deal program.…show more content…
The main programs of the Great Depression were CWA, WPA, TVA, and CCC. The CWA was the Civil Works Administration, the WPA is the Works Public Administration, the TVA is the Tennessee Valley Authority, and not last but least the CCC is the Civilian Conversation Corps all helped the Great
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