Franklin D Roosevelt Persuasive Speech

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In the summer of 1921, Franklin D. Roosevelt and his family took a holiday to their summer home on Campobello Island, off the coast of Maine and New Brunswick. Frank needed this vacation badly, after a very hectic political adventure. In 1920, he received nomination from his party, the Democrats to run as the vice presidential candidate with, Governor James M. Cox of Ohio as the presidential candidate. Although, the Cox-Roosevelt ticket was defeated by Republican Warren G. Harding in the presidential election by a wide margin, but it was a good political point for Franklin. On August 10, 1921, after a day spent outdoors, Roosevelt began to feel weak. He went to bed early but woke up the next day much worse, with a high fever; his…show more content…
She became fed up of her over dependence on someone. She has decided to run her life regardless of the pains ahead. She discovered that it is better to die trying thanto live begging. The hen also understood that comfort zone is the burial ground of champions, while battlefields are the crucible where champions are made. She finally understood that there is no celebrated beggar anywhere, but celebrated givers. She also observed that the dependent can never be greater than his provider. And the receiver will always be the slave of the giver. I think she also knew that it is more honourable to eat an earned unbalanced food than to dine with the president without charge. Maybe, she later knew that over dependence leads to brain drain and destroys ingenuity. The hen also discovered that the receiver cannot query the giver for what he gives. The giver will only give after he has satisfied his own wants. The giver cannot give his best; you will merely receive remainders. She noticed that it is better to face the challenges of fishing than to enjoy the partial sweetness of begged fishes. The hen understood that a dollar earned is far better than ten dollars found. She knew that the pains of starting would soon be overshadowed by the joy of
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