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Dante Frederick Mr. Hansrote April 1st, 2015 Outline: Franklin D. Roosevelt Date of Birth January 30th, 1882 Date of Death April 12th, 1945 Educational Background Homeschooled until the age of 14 Graduate of Groton School Attended Harvard University and Columbia University Occupations Prior to Presidency Lawyer Governor of New York Term(s) in Office 4 terms in office Opponent(s) in Election(s) Herbert C. Hoover Alfred M. Landon Wendell L. Wilkie Thomas E. Dewey Vice President(s) John N. Garner (1932-1940) Henry A. Wallace (1940-1944) Harry S. Truman (1944-1948) Political Party Democrat Domestic Affairs American Agricultre Act First and Second "New Deal" Great Depression Foreign Affairs The "New Deal" World War II Inventions/Technological Changes Microwave Radar Trampoline Spectrophotometer Casein Fiber Hammond Organ Pinsetter Turboprop Engine Jet Engine O-ring Ballpoint Pen Fiberglass FM Radio Helicopter View-master Automated Teller Machine Bazooka Rocket Gun Undersea Oil Pipeline Frequency Hopping Aqua-Lung Electron Spectrometer Evaluation: President Roosevelt had to sort through some of the biggest foreign and domestic crisis, the Great Depression and World War II. Roosevelt guided the United States through both of these difficult troubles. He had good standings with the public in restoring the United States from the Great Depression and using the world war as a step out of the economic pot hole. He also managed to help the allies towards a victory over the axis forces in the later parts of the world war. Roosevlet left the White House as an accomplished president at home and abroad

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