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Franklin Delano Roosevelt By: Russell Freedman I selected Franklin Delano Roosevelt by Russell Freedman for my book review. The book was published by Clarion Books and text copyrighted in 1990. This book traces the life of Franklin Delano Roosevelt from his birth in 1882 through his youth, early political career, and presidency to his death in Warm Springs, Georgia, in 1945. The book was a complete biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was once described by Frances Perkins as, “the most complicated human being I ever knew”. He was a four time elected President. On the surface he seemed to be an easy talker with a quick smile whose chats helped him connect with the American Public. People felt they knew he knew them and they knew him. However, throughout the book, it made it clear that he wanted people to feel that way, he was really a private person, whose thoughts no one knew. Franklin Roosevelt could be warm and affectionate but he didn’t talk about personal matters or his deepest feelings, not even with those closest to him. His wife Eleanor felt there was a part of him that he didn’t permit anyone to see. She said, “He had no real confidants”. Roosevelt lived an extraordinary life and throughout the book the author presents a balanced look at it, never shielding information or being overly sentimental or sympathetic for the President and his trials while in office. The book points out that he was loved by people but still had his fair share of critics. Some accused him of having one situation for every problem, big spending, and that he would bankrupt the country. The end of the book has an alphabetized index as well as an acknowledgement and picture credit. The book contained a lot of photos, taking the reader through a picture tour of his life. There was a part where the author complied a list of biographies about the

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