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I have recently found a lost interview between Franklin D Roosevelt and Lowell Mellett, an Executive Director of the National Emergency Council. The interview describes in full detail Roosevelt’s personal life and his political life. What made you decide to become a part of politics in the United States? I grew up in a wealthy family, about fifty miles north of New York City. Many of my family members have been either served in war or politics. Theodore Roosevelt, my 5th cousin, was the 26th president. His vigorous leadership and zeal made him my role model. We were a very wealthy family, and my parents were Sara and James Roosevelt. They both taught me a variety of skills and lessons. My mother was protective and dedicated to making me the very best I could be. When I was five years old I visited the White House and was privileged to meet with Grover Cleveland. I went to Harvard and was an average student. I proceeded to Columbia Law School but I did not graduate. I did not have a fond interest in law. I passed my bar exam which qualified me to become a lawyer, and I worked a few years at the New York City law firm of Carter, Ledyard, and Milburn. I married Eleanor Roosevelt. I loved her immensely and went against my mother’s disapproval of the marriage. Eleanor was hard to get along with because she was socially awkward and did not talk very much. She was the light of my life, however, and I loved her. Eleanor’s parents had passed when she was ten, and her uncle, Theodore Roosevelt, stood up for her deceased father in our wedding. We had six children in all. What was your political career before you became the president of the United States? I left the law firm because I never truly enjoyed law. I was persuaded by fellow democrats to run for political office. I ran for the New York State Senate and won by over 1,000 votes. What truly helped me win over

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