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Summary of Roosevelt is asked to intervene to protect Scottsboro negroes. Today President Roosevelt was urged to intervene and avert the danger of a massacre tomorrow when seven of the nine Negro defendants in the Scottsboro case are to be arraigned here in the Morgan County Court House. Attorneys of the accused men, who have been in prison for nearly three years, telegraphed the President who was at his vacation home in Warm Springs, GA, urging the governor of Alabama to insure military protection for themselves and their clients. In the telegraph sent from Birmingham, Mr. Roosevelt was informed that “the probability of a massacre of the defendants and their attorneys is extremely grave.” It was signed by the chief counsel, Samuel S, Leibowitz; G. W. Chamlee and Joseph Brodsky, his associates. The tentative decision of Circuit Judge W.W. Callahan, who is to preside at the third trail of Heywood Patterson, opening a week from tomorrow, to dispense with the militia, occasioned the dispatch o the telegram after a direct appeal to Governor Miller, who is ill, failed to bring the desired result. Telegram to the President was made public by Mr. Leibowitz in Birmingham, where he was staying pending the opening of court tomorrow, as he said “We earnestly ask your good offices to persuade Governor Miller of Alabama to order out sufficient National Guardsmen to provide adequate protection for the nine Scottsboro boys and their Attorneys who are to appear at Decatur tomorrow for arraignment for the defendants and for trial on November 27.” Since the last trial two negroes in the custody of Sheriff were recently lynched in Tuscaloosa cases; a Negro named Royal was lynched in the very city of Decatur in August and a mob visited the Decatur jail to lynch a Negro prisoner named Brown. Only removal to Huntsville jail before mob arrived prevented his assassination.

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