Frankestein And Imagery And Symobolism Essay

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In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein the tone in the beginning of the passage starts out as ominous when Frankenstein has a “presentiment of who it was” (159) knowing that the monster has discovered the unbroken promise. There is terror and enragement of Frankenstein and the monster that shifts the tone to a more volatile one. When the monster finds Frankenstein and the ruins of the mate that Frankenstein was suppose to create it foreshadows the violence that will ignite between the two people. The tone conveys on the passage that although Frankenstein is seemed to be a man of wisdom and caring, he portrays hatefulness toward the monster and had never really meant to create another creature. His disgust with what he had created caused the creature to a blossom self hatred which caused violence to ignite when the monster points out that Frankenstein “destroy my hopes” (160). Frankenstein only sees the “deformity and wickedness” (160) of the creature and never really understands that like him the monster want to find love. The tone shows the violent determination of Frankenstein that he will not back down with the monsters violent threats “Villain! Before you sign my death warrant, be sure that you are yourself safe” and to slowly destroy any feeling of the monster and the monster itself. Irony is seen with the tone when Frankenstein exclaims that the monster is a “devil” and yet he pretends to be “inexorable” which is true because later he goes onto say that he should have “ closed with him in mortal strife” ( 161). The tone shows that monster threatens and has reason to carry out his threats for the monster is said to have no feelings which brings a question of who is really a monster because Frankenstein himself cannot convey any sympathy toward the monster. He tries to seem to have feelings for caring but only for a person he loves but never wanted the

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