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Frankenstein Essa Evil is in everyone and events and actions define if this evil is willing to be set free. Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein shows the devastating effects of a noble man who turns to evil when trying to better the world. Daily actions and traits can make any person turn to evil. Being too ambitious and trying to be successful may lead to the path of evil. Acts of secrecy can make a good person turn to evil, and finally, selfishness can cause a person to become evil. Victor Frankenstein began as a man who wanted to change the world and he let his ambition, his selfishness and his secrecy turn him into an evil man. Being ambitious is important in life, but, we must not let the need to succeeded dictate are morals and are actions. Victor Frankenstein let his over-ambition cloud his judgement when trying to create a new life, not fully thinking about the consequences of what his research would do. “So much has been done exclaimed the soul of Frankenstein-more, far more, will I achieve; treading in the steps already marked, I will pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers, and unfold the deepest mysteries of creation” (Shelly,33) This quote said by Frankenstein shows his ambition, and his desire to leave his mark is seen. This uncontrollable ambition has led him to do this research for years. He sacrificed his health and his family, living cooped up in his house, he was physically turing into a monster. Victor Frankenstein’s ambition also led him to make impulsive decisions without much thought on the impact his research would have on the known world. Victor only focused on succeeding and never on what he was going to do once he succeed in creating life. Victor made immoral decisions while trying to satisfy his ambition. While trying to bring life, he stole humans parts and dug up graves of the dead. Victor was a grave robber, not stealing gold and

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