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Frankenstein Foil Characters Essay Frankenstein is a ravishing tale of a creature that was given the breath of life by a doctor who created him other than a live birth. The novel Frankenstein is very mistaken as the old tale of the crazy being with a square head and bolts protruding from his neck; the strike of lightning, the green skin, and the “it’s alive” quote. For many years the world has mistaken the name of Frankenstein as the monster but in actuality the dr. that created the monster was named Victor Frankenstein. This misconception is very normal in society and is commonly misused. The number of wrong names and the actual case of Frankenstein is an example of being misinterpreted and the lack of identity behind the monster; just as the monster and Victor Frankenstein in the novel were opposites and lacked identity to each other and themselves. The Creature contributes much to Victor Frankenstein's character. The creature is knowledge thirsty just as Victor was. They both went through an examination of schooling, formal and informal. In some ways, the creature’s gain in knowledge can be seen to parallel Frankenstein’s, such as, when the creature begins to learn from books. Yet, in other ways, their experiences differ greatly, and one of the factors that contribute to these differences is a structured and systematic method of learning. Victor was brought up learning that education was not everything and he had an easy going educational part of life. The creature, on the other hand, is an untamed and extreme version of the free individual. Without the support and shelter of a family, and the systematic approaches of an education system, the creature nevertheless gains an education of sorts. And he does this by reacting to his basic needs for shelter, food, warmth and company. ). The creature’s discovery of knowledge led to his own self-knowledge and he

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