Frankenstein – Victor Frankenstein Essay

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Frankenstein – Written Homework March 25, 2010 In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, I would consider Victor Frankenstein as a unique character. At first he was a boring child because nothing interesting was going on in his life besides his mother dying but I guess he was just a normal person which makes it hard to read because he had a normal childhood. As soon as Victor Frankenstein meets the science professors’ Waldman and M. Krempe Victor Frankenstein’s life drastically changes and to me the book does not become as boring and dry to read and I actually am able to read without frustration. Victor Frankenstein’s upbringing just shows how obsessed people can become when they find something they admire but this was just too out of the ordinary. Usually people just become obsessed or addicted to drugs but in this case Victor is obsessed with the human anatomy of the human body and basically just the world of science but his obsession went to the next level. I find it extremely odd that Victor was so obsessed with his science work in creating the monster that he started to not include everything in his life including his family, friends, basically his social life. Drugs is one thing but for some reason I don’t think it’s possible to become so obsessed with your work that you ignore everything else and all your big parts of his life. I was interested in the end of chapter four when Victor said “But my enthusiasm was checked by my anxiety and I appeared rather like one doomed by slavery to toil in the mines, or any other unwholesome trade than an artist employed by his favorite employment” (Shelly 42). Victor literally compared himself to a slave because he was extremely caught up in his work. Honestly I’m not too fond of Victor’s personality because of how obsessed he got with science. Maybe he just was too nerdy of a person for me I don’t know I just can’t
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