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After having our first seminar I have a lot of ideas about the creature in which Frankenstein had created. I believe that he is a knowledge hungry creature who desires to obtain knowledge so he can be able to interact with humans and that he isn’t so lonely since his created deserted him. His personality allows him to want to interact with humans but once he tries he realizes how much he really doesn’t fit in. Throughout chapters 11 and 17 the creature undergoes a lot of trouble to interact with humans and to learn from their language and from their ways of life. I believe when the creature is telling Frankenstein how he learned how to use fire was one of the major discoveries that the creature had made. The creature said, “when night came again I found, with pleasure, that the fire gave me light as well as heat and that the discovery of this element was useful to me in my food…”(86) This discovery made the creature to want to learn more about the humans and to be able to interact with them. During his hard efforts to understand and learn from the humans he didn’t know what language they spoke. The creature said “I ardently desired to understand them, and bent every faculty towards that purpose, but found it utterly impossible.”(98) The creature had a very difficult time because he knew nothing about the human’s language. This interested the creature in wanting to learn how to understand and speak the human’s language. Once the creature learned how to speak and read he confront humans and realizes his true nature and appearance was un human and out of the ordinary. He said, “endued with a figure hideously deformed and loathsome; I was not even of the same nature as man.”(101) The creature is saying how he knows he’s not human and also says, “I possessed no money, no friends, no

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