Frankenstein Play Summary

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I actually liked the play Frankenstein. I’m not going to lie I thought the play was going to be very boring, and have a simple story line. The play was nothing like I expected; therefore I was actually glad I went to go see it. However I did find it confusing how the author of the Frankenstein, Mary Shelly, was on the stage the whole time narrating the play. The play revolves around Victor Frankenstein who creates a creature out of body parts, after creating the creature he is horrified by it. Shortly after the creation of his monster Victor receives a letter from his father saying that his brother has been murdered. Victor then hurries home. On his journey he runs across the monster he created and is convinced is his brother killer. Victor then allows a young innocent girl, Justine, to die for this crime. Victor then feels guilty for the monster he created who caused the death of two people. Victor then goes on a vacation in order to try a cope with his guilt. While there he runs into his creature, who admits that he killed his brother. He did this in order to hurt Victor the way that he hurt him by abandoning him. He is so lonely that he begs victor to create a companion for him, almost convincing victor to create him a companion. In anger the monster promises victor that he will be there on his wedding night. When victor marries Elizabeth he sends her away but didn’t realize that he was going to kill his wife not him. After the death of his wife Victor then sets out to get revenge on the

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