Frankenstein Literary Analysis

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Man or Monster A literary analysis of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein In the fifth chapter Victor becomes ill. His disgust for the very life he creates drives him to madness and a nervous fever. Victor’s unparalleled ambition results in isolation from his friends and family. To no avail can victor be torn away from his passion to construct life. It becomes a God complex that results in a humbling realization that his creature is an aesthetic creation of the devil less that of God. This revelation in its essence leaves victor meandering through the streets, similar to that of a confused transient. Visuals of the creature consume his mind to the point of certifiable insanity, to awaken to the nightmare that is victor’s reality. I pose…show more content…
Victor strives to attain new potential for mankind. Although he commits a horrendous act by abandoning his creation, he gave life to something that otherwise would cease to exist. Despite the atrocious horror that materialized before Victor, this entity also thirsted for knowledge manifesting into a surprisingly intellectual being. In theory both could be brave protagonist, both are seeking acceptance and knowledge. Victor for his drive and fearlessness to achieve something thought to be impossible, although self-motivated. Victors’ reaction to what he had created is no different than how any of us would react. Victors’ undertaking was not well thought out, and for that he is guilty. However, his demeanor is a necessity. If not for his obsessive drive, planes and automobiles would only be a dream, diseases would be cured at a dilatory rate and entertainment would be marginal at best. Victors’ persistence is admirable from an innovative viewpoint. These examples affirm him a pioneer and a conqueror. “I seemed to have lost all soul or sensation but for this pursuit… A human being in perfection ought always to preserve a calm and peaceful mind, and never to allow passion and transitory desire to disturb his tranquility … if this rule were always observed, if no man allowed any pursuit whatsoever to interfere with the tranquility of his domestic affection, Greece had not enslaved; Caesar would have spared his country; America would have been discovered more gradually; and the empires of Mexico and Peru not been destroyed” (Shelly per-victor 50-51). His eventual conquering when considered is no different than many others that strayed from societies norms in order to achieve the impossible. Furthermore, once Victor manifested life from body scraps and the monster took its first breath, was the heroic moment in the story. This would be what defined Frankenstein for
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