Frankenstein: Is Man Inherently Good Or Evil?

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Frankenstein From the moment that man started walking on Earth a question has always been asked, is man inherently good or evil? Is good or evil caused by nurture or nature? Is it a self-conscience decision we make within ourselves? The question has always been asked but, never answered for the simple fact that no one knows. As Frankenstein had finished his creation he saw that what he had created was a horrible monster that he would never want to see again but, the monster was brought into this world similar as infants were, innocent and unknowing. After Frankenstein created the monster he then left him and never wanted to see him again. Soon after that the monster had ran into the forest not to be seen by Frankenstein. Meanwhile the monster was in the forest studying a family he had found. Learning what it was…show more content…
The monster only wanted one thing in life and that was another he could love and call his own, just like movie, Lilo and Stitch. Stich in the movie is the monster in this book. In the movie Stich was created to be pure evil, to steal street signs, back up sewer lines and steal every ones left shoe but, he found Lilo which made him re-think what he was being and made him benevolent. This is just like the monster in the book; the monster labeled as evil for his looks. The monster, in retaliation, fills this label he is given because it is the only one he truly knows but, the monster just wanted to be loved and have a place to call home just as Stitch did in the movie. In the book the monster was not inherently good nor inherently evil but, the choice was made for him, not by himself but, by this creator and the society around him even though the monster made the self-conches decision that he wanted to be good and a kind person but, the choice wasn’t his the choice was
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