Frankenstein First Date

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First Date The minute that Jacob saw Shelley’s eyes through the crowd he knew that she was special. The icy blue of her pupils bore through his chest, and made his heart go weak. Now here they were sitting face to face over a dim candlelight, watching the shadows of the people around them jump across each other’s faces. Jacob could not take his eyes off of Shelley. It was hard to depict her thoughts through all of the other people’s, but he didn’t care. He just wanted this date to go through without any flaws. Shelley’s cell phone rang with an abnormal volume, but maybe it was just because of the fact that nervousness was seeping through Jacob’s pores and everything was far from normal tonight. His superpowers were out of control, and he…show more content…
If this doesn’t go well, then I’m not sure if I would be able to go on another one. It has to go basically perfect, and that is the bottom line.” Jacob pulled himself away from Shelley’s voice and thoughts, and silently sat back into his seat. The table shook, and before he knew it the water pitcher was wobbling. It seemed to have gone back and forth for an hour, and on the last time is was going when he could tell for sure it was going to tip, Jacob focused his mind and rebalanced the pitcher to the way it rested before. Shelley returned to the table. Almost as if on cue, the waitress returned to the table to take our orders. When the waitress left, conversation at the table picked up exactly where it left off, with common interests, and other things that bring two people together. The night could not have been going any better, and Jacob was ecstatic about this, until the waitress appeared at the side of our table with our appetizers. Shelley had ordered French fries, and Jacob ordered a small garden…show more content…
He couldn’t control his powers, and he was destined to help those in need. A million thoughts ran through Jacob’s mind because he did not want to lie and screw up the first date, but as he was about to tell the truth he saw the slightest flaw in the way the waiter behind Shelley had been walking, and the worst part was that he was carrying a tray of filet mignon. He had already started to fall, but Jacob couldn’t control himself, and he got up, and saved the steak and the waiter from a bad fall. And Shelley had seen it. The whole thing. He knew she had figured out who he was by this time, because everyone else in the restaurant

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