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In Frankenstein, Shelley tells a story about the invention of a creature who is different than any other. One of the protagonists, the creature Frankenstein, has to deal with being mistreated and living life without love, because of his appearance and innocence. When the creature, Frankenstein, murders William Frankenstein, it is the moment he recognizes his place in the world, and it represents Shelley’s theme of creation itself and the problems that come with it. It all begins with the creation of Frankenstein, and the things he was not given that led to his loss of innocence. Although Frankenstein was not technically a human, he still felt the same feelings, he still wanted to have a name, a friend, a job, and a home, but unlike Adam, he was not blessed the same way. Frankenstein might have read in his favorite book Paradise Lost, that the creation of Adam was placed in “the garden of Eden to work it,” as well as given a companion who “shall be called Woman,” (ESV, Gen. 2:15, Gen. 2:23). Frankenstein was just jealous because unlike his fellow creation, he was not given a sense of belonging, or a job. He felt that he deserved to have someone to share his life with because he was so lonely and misunderstood by himself; so he asked Victor to make him one, just like God does for his creation in the Bible. Frankenstein must have also read that God created man and woman “after his image,” and that he wanted to bless his creations and for them to be “fruitful and multiply the Earth,” (ESV, Gen. 1:27, Gen. 1:28). Unlike Adam, Frankenstein didn’t even have a name to call himself, he just took the name of his creator by his own will. He was not given a home to have responsibility in, Frankenstein did not feel blessed like God’s creation was; although Adam neglected his gifts and sought attention like Frankenstein did. They were both very similar characters, but

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