Frankenstein Book Evaluation

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Frankenstein Written by Mary Shelley What is the overall idea of your book? The overall idea of Frankenstein is “nurture is more powerful than nature.” This theme is supported by the fact that the monster was naturally a good thing but because of Dr. Frankenstein’s irresponsibility, the monster was evil and killed people. If Frankenstein would have stayed with the monster after making him then the monster wouldn’t have gone and killed so many people out of revenge. This is debatable though. Some may say that the monster had an evil spirit or and evil nature. However, if Frankenstein would have stayed with the monster he still would have been able to teach him good from evil and probably been able to change his evil nature. That brings us back to our theme. Nurture is a very powerful thing that every living thing needs. What are some of the moments where vivid sensory details and descriptions work well? Use details from the text. A section of the book that was very well written and described was when Mary Shelley was describing what the monster looked like. When most people think of Frankenstein’s monster they think of the extremely tall and green monster with a rectangle head who’s arms are a foot longer than they’re supposed to be but Mary Shelley’s description is much different. She describes the monster as having yellow skin (but not a lot of it), proportional limbs, very white teeth, black hair, black lips, and dull yellow eyes. Her usage of intense descriptive words really added to the story because it changed my view that I already had of the monster well. What is the point of view? Who is the narrator? Is he/she effective? The point of view is that of Victor Frankenstein and Robert Walton. These men both narrate the story at different times. They are very effective narrators because both people tell a story that they had been a part of. Mary
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