Frankenstein And Blade Runner Comparison Essay

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Compare how the treatment of similar content in a pair of texts composed in different times and contexts may reflect changing values and perceptives. Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley and Blade Runner directed by Ridley Scott, both reflect the period industrially, socially and the technological revolution surrounding the time composition. Frankenstein and Blade Runner are products of their time with the values and ideas they represent and are understood within the historical context in which they were composed. Both texts explore and question various aspects of humanity, creation, nature, science and technology via a wide range of techniques characteristic to their medium of production. Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley in 1818,…show more content…
It keeps posing questions such as, “What does it mean to be a monster” or “What does it mean to be human?”. The irony in Blade Runner is the blade runners (supposedly humans) act in an inhumane manner, “retiring” replicants due to their developments of human characteristics. Where as Roy (a replicant) performs a great act of mercy, sparing Deckard’s life. Roy appears “…more human than human…” (Tyrell Corporations motto) in his empathy and compassion. While in Frankenstein the creature’s fate is chosen with his appearance and societies prejudice. What do you think of when I say Frankenstein’s monster? Would you befriend such a thing? So ask yourselves, what makes a monster a…show more content…
During the film the Deckard’s partner Gaff, creates three pieces of origami; a chicken, a man with an erection and a unicorn. The unicorn is very ambiguous with it may refer to Deckard as being a replicant. This is because of Deckard’s dream of the unicorn earlier, in the scene of his dream the director uses sepia tones, this represents photographs and memories thus representing Deckard’s past and history. So how does Gaff know about that? Has Deckard’s memories been implanted? Another strong indicator is Rachael’s question to Deckard “…have you ever taken that test yourself?…” referring to the V-K

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