Frankenstein and Blade Runner Essay

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818) and Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (1992) express their growing concerns of the destructive consequences of alienation and the suffering that results of this. Influenced by the rapid growth of technology and environmental concerns of their composing times, they illustrate their concerns from different perspectives. Both texts explore the suffering of the environment when one isolates themselves or neglects the natural world. Shelley who was heavily influenced by the principles of Romanticism and was personally exposed to writers and poets who believed in the sublime and rejuvenating power of nature, focuses on the suffering that can occur when one isolates themself from the natural world. It is when Victor embarks on his scientific journey that he disconnects himself with the natural world. Shelley skilfully uses disease and sickness imagery, “my cheeks went pale with study”, to signify how Victor’s physical health diminishes when he isolates himself from nature in order to “unravel the secrets of heaven and earth”. The sickness imagery Victor uses describes himself as “oppressed slowed by fever” and a “wreck” creates an image of a suffering man locked away in a dark room where nature is forgotten due to the rejection of nature reflecting the contemporary issues of the time. Instead of adhering to the Romantic policy of the appreciation of the beauty, he seeks what is concealed beyond his vision forgetting his relationship with the environment and isolating himself from it. In contrast, Scott is more concerned with the fragility of nature, and how it will suffer from the greed of the multinational companies, whose, at the time Blade Runner was composed, main focus was economical gain. Ironically the film, ‘Blade Runner’, is set in Los Angeles, “The City of Angels” however it does not reflect the peaceful city of angels but

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