Frankenstein Alternate Ending Analysis

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Frankenstein’s Revised Ending 212 FRANKENSTEIN I saw my wife, my friends, and my cherished country; again I saw the kindhearted countenance of my father, remembered the gold tones of my Elizabeth’s voice, and beheld Clerval enjoying wellness and youthfulness. My heart sank and I cried in lassitude, similar to a distraught woman who is weary and tired of crying over the death of her loved ones. The fiend that entered by the night, enclosed himself in the vessel of the darkness as he whispered in my ear, ‘I am satisfied: miserable wretch! You have determined to live, and I am satisfied’. The creature’s wretched voice rang and rattled my ear, constantly. The deep grief, which this scene had at, first quickly gave way to rage and despair. My family was past, and I was standing; their assassin also was standing, and to distruct his existence I must drag out my weary existence. My first resolution was to quit life all together. I pondered the near impossible thoughts of suicide. Should I leave Geneva and start a new life? Or shall I transcend above the creatures actions, and die now, limit the monster to harming me? He shall linger on while I rest in peace among with my family in my cherished country, up in the heavens. I persuaded myself that I was ready to be reunited with the hearts that had once was filled in beauty. At…show more content…
His voice was broken and hackneyed. He discussed his chapters of his life of solitude and told me how he lived separated and gaped from the rest of society similar to myself on this vessel. His eyes sparkled in the middle of the night as he took his life at ten till twelve in the night. Hear him not; call on the names of Justine, William, Elizabeth, Clerval, his father and of Victor in your prayers. His last words I recall were, ‘thrust your sword into his heart If you ever get a chance.. I will hover near, and direct the steel beside

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