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Frankenstein written by Romantic novelist, Mary Shelley takes the idea of the creative arrogance of the romantic imagination and the amorality of industrialised technology as its point of departure for fashioning a gothic world in which creation turns on creator in revenge for the indifference of its monumental egocentricity. I agree with this statement to an extreme extent. These ideas are explored throughout the text in the form of Frankenstein and the monster he had created and the way in which Frankenstein rejects his creation and does not realise the consequences of his actions until they catch up with him. The arrogance of the romantic imagination is that romantic writers felt that the world needed changing and they were the ones who could change it through their writing. Mary Shelley explored this concept of changing the literary world when writing Frankenstein. She wrote Frankenstein in 1818, when Lord Byron set a challenge to Shelley and her husband to write a ghost story. This shows that the Romantics such as Lord Byron wanted literature to be different from how it had been written before and therefore change the world by writing about something people had never read about before. This sense of changing the world is also demonstrated in Frankenstein as Victor Frankenstein is usurping the role of God to create human life and to go further in science than anyone has ever gone before. “It was the secrets of heaven and earth that I desired to learn”. In the romantic period, the amorality of industrialised technology represents the lack of humanity and lack of clear thinking. This lack of humanity and clear thinking are linked to Victor Frankenstein as he presents a lack of humanity in rejecting his creation completely and a lack of clear thinking in when he is making his ‘human form’ in the first place. Frankenstein’s amorality of industrialised

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