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______________Frankenstein_______________________________________ 1. Analyze the opening page of the work as a set of instructions for reading it. Use Foster’s list to guide you here. * When reading Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, there are a few major points to notice on the first page, as they will guide your reading and give insight to the novel. The two major components recognized from the start are setting and the format in which the novel is written. Both of these aspects are very important to the understanding and analysis of Frankenstein. * As the novel begins, Shelley’s diction portrays a cold, bleak horizon with vast, encumbering ice. From the first paragraph, the reader can conclude that Frankenstein isn’t a fast-paced, upbeat novel. Her drawn out descriptions emphasize the importance of the setting. Throughout Frankenstein, weather, setting, and nature play an important role of portraying tone, foreshadowing events, and matching the attitudes of characters. * Not only is setting crucial to the development of Frankenstein, but also the structure in which information is given. The novel is presented to the reader as a series of letters from a man, Walton, to his sister. Because Shelley writes the novel in an epistolary style, many questions arise from the beginning that can be applied for the continuation of the work. When information is presented through the mode of letters, reliability and accuracy of its material is often questioned. Letters only present a one-sided opinion of evidence. Although we have no reason to believe that Walton has ill intentions or has altered any information given to him, it is still reasonable to have skepticism. Therefore, questions of reliability are advised to be held throughout the novel, as you analyze each component and its accuracy. * Both of these constituents are presented from the

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