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‘Family relationships form the basis of society in Frankenstein. Through these relationships order is restored despite disaster and tragedy.’ In her novel Frankenstein, Shelley implies that family relationships are essential when individuals who are lonely need comfort and security in times of need. If this security is not there, it can affect an individual’s mind-set thus causing a disruption in their own moral compass. Shelley’s view of family relationships in the novel may be influenced by the history of her own family or yet be a reflection of it. The creature is the only character in the novel that is abandoned from any type of family relationship and condemned to life of loneliness. The creature has not any ‘ties or affections’, therefore making the creature believes that ‘hatred and vice must be (his) portion’. The critic Jean Hall says that ‘the monster must become part of a network of relationships’, but the fact that the ‘monster’ has no name and that his appearance is an outcast in society’s values, because his creator, Victor, abandoned him, he does not have the luxury of a family values and relationships. Even though the creature learns 'respect', and 'affection’ from the De Lacey family, after Felix ‘dashed me (him) to the ground and struck me (him) violently with a stick’ he understands that he will never have a family of any kind but except his own kind. This realisation, makes the creature urge Frankenstein to 'create a female' for him so he may have a relationship which will restore meaning to his life. Jean Hall states that 'salvation is to be found in the idealised benevolence and naturalness of the family' so due to the fact that the creature is isolated from all forms of relationships, he can find no purpose. Shelley implicates through the creature, that without any form of a family relationship, vicious behaviours are formed within a

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