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Name Course Course instructor Date Mel Brooks "Young Frankenstein" Film compared to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and the Films made of the Monster. Young Frankenstein and Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein is considered one of the best parody ever created. Mel brooks depicts the classic horror film in a truly genius perspective. Although his depiction is personal the twist in his depiction is an example of the work of a true genius. This is the reason for the 1970s box office blow out. Mel brooks nails down the details. In addition he turns terrifying situations into incredibly funny and hilarious situations. The movie Young Frankenstein opens up what is done in black and white. This was the same case with Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein’s. The opening up of the movie in black and white was done to keep the authenticity in Young Frankenstein. This was a move to make Young Frankenstein more scary and serious (Morton 19). As opposed to the thrilling music, that accompanies a detrimental situation, thunder blazes throughout the speakers of the television. The fact that there was no music in ‘Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein’s, makes someone feel that Young Frankenstein was just a duplicate of the original. This fact is proven wrong when we meet Igor who was the character in the original. His witty banter and funny commentaries make him play a major role in the film. Following the creation of the monster by Dr Frankenstein, a major patch of satire is hit. The satire is present throughout the different scenes in the movie Young Frankenstein. The way the monster escapes from Frankenstein’s castle is portrayed in a satirical way. The satire is portrayed in how the monster wrecks s havoc in the town (Tropp 64). A major scene is spoofed on the terrifying strode by the monster through Transylvania. The monster throws flower petals down a well with the intention of

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