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Frankenstein Essay

  • Submitted by: trevormamps33
  • on May 19, 2013
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History’s Impossible Becomes Greatest Nightmare
Have you ever been in a situation where you wish you could go back and change what you have done? In the gothic novel Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein brought the dead back to life and he thinks he created a monster. Victor’s creation is now being called a monster, but Victor is the true monster.
On pages 50-54, Victor was so excited about the fact that he will be making history and wouldn’t sleep or eat until he’s done. Victor was finally done with his project that he has been working on for 2 years and when he rose from the dead, Victor ran in freight. The creature was confused and shocked he didn’t know what was going on. The creature then grabs Victor’s lab coat and head off on a journey to find love and a meaning in life. On this long journey, the creature begins to feel fatigued and has no clue why. He finds berries and starts to eat them and he realizes that these berries are giving him the energy he needs to keep on going. At night he begins to feel cold and tired, but he keeps on going until he finds an unattended fire. He puts his hand inside the fire and feels a hot, sharp pain and immediately pulls his hand out of the fire. When he sits close to the fire he feels warm and relaxed. He then lays down and drifts into a deep sleep.
The creature wakes up from a deep slumber and is ready to continue his journey for love. On his long, tiring walk, he finds an old shack and there is a family of four living in this hut. The creature stops and begins to study the family’s actions. He realizes that this family is in need of supplies and he wants to help, but he doesn’t want them to see his face because of his atrocious appearance. So he waits until the family is occupied and heads out to grab firewood and berries for this poor family. He leaves the supplies for the family outside their door and the family is extremely grateful, but at the same time confused. While quietly stalking this family, he then finds...

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