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Victor Frankenstein was a very avid scientist. He would spend years on certain experiments so he could get whatever he was working on perfect. Though, the last invention he made wasn’t very perfect at all. He made a hideous beast who killed multiple of his loved ones and friends, and went on a rampage of destroying peoples homes and whatever else he came across. People in society did not accept this creature, because he was so horribly ugly. At first, Frankenstein was a very innocent being, but as the story went along, he started to gain a dark side. With all these people telling him he’s a monster and that they want nothing to do with him, he starts build up all of this anger, lonliness, and other deep emotions in side of him. He finally bursts and that’s when he starts to kill and destroy. But if Frankenstein would have done one little adjustment to his monster, everything would have been alrite. That little adjustment would have been to make his monster more attractive, so people would accept the monster and he could actually be proud of the work he has done. If Victor had made his creature more attractive, people would have actually excepted him as part of the community. People wouldn’t chase him around the streets with pitch forks, and call him awful names. They would know that he was made in a laboratory, but since he doesn’t look scary, they wouldn’t be threatened in any way. They would see that he is actually a very nice person and that he doesn’t want to harm anybody, but rather just wants to be loved and have family and friends to be there for him, just like any other human being would want. Victor would except him as a son figure and teach him manners, language, and all the other nessacary knowledge a person needs to live a normal life. Victor and the whole family would love and support him through whatever he wants to do, weather it be

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