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Frankenstein Drama Report. 1. On the stage were several white and blue structures made to resemble walls and platforms of ice. The backdrop was a blue color, and the light was centralized in the middle of the stage where the two actors were. 1. B. The stage setup was the same in regards to the structuring. The only real difference was that the light was centralized on the Creation instead of the middle of the stage. 2. The protagonist of the play is the Creation, and the antagonist is Dr. Frankenstein. The conflict is between the Creation and Frankenstein. I feel this way because the Creation can’t really be held accountable for his actions. He was given life, and then abandoned by his creator. He didn’t really have anyone or anything to teach him except himself. He’s basically a super-strong infant who survived on his own. Frankenstein is the antagonist because he’s very selfish. He only thought of his own personal gains through his research. When asked to create a bride for his creation, he initially agreed but then tore it apart because he “wanted to avoid another tragedy.” There wouldn’t have been a tragedy in the first place if he would have taken the time to work with his creation instead of running away. 3. The climax was when the Creation killed Frankenstein’s wife in retribution for him destroying the Creation’s wife. The resolution of the play shows Frankenstein agreeing to “grant his creation death” but dying due to gangrene before he can pull the trigger as the Creation patiently waits. 4. I feel that the actor playing the younger Creation did a good job of conveying emotions. His voice and body language fluctuated very well with the message he was trying to get across to Frankenstein/the audience. The only part I didn’t like was when he was strapped to the

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