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Betty Ramirez Mr. Unger English 4P 12 March 2012 Frankenstein Enormous, frightening, unintelligent, and green? These thoughts are automatically in one’s mind about a creature supposedly named “Frankenstein.” These assumptions are wrong, in fact, the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley describes a creature created by Victor Frankenstein. The fictional story seems to convey the creature as a monster. Victor does unfathomable things in order to create this so called monster. Just as many other people in the novel, Victor “judges a book by its cover.” He is in a sense evil, heartless and a complete coward. It may be argued he is the real monster in the story, not the creature. Frankenstein and society created a monster due to the mistreatment, bad judgment and the coming out of the “true colors” of mankind. Victor Frankenstein is a coward and goes through extremities to create life. He does a capricious thing for his obsession of making something come to life. Victor goes to a university and mentions, “One of the phenomena which had peculiarly attracted my attention was the structure of the human frame” He dilates anatomy as well as studies other subjects in order to gain an understanding of how to make life. Frankenstein began “ spend days and nights in vaults and charnel-houses.” He became obsessed. His fixation leads to him collect different bones and body parts from corpses. Sewing and assembling the parts together, trying to make something that most would consider impossible. Victor Frankenstein became a mad man due to his fascination. He intends to stop at nothing in order to play god and make something inanimate come to life. Many people in the novel, as well as Victor, “judge a book by its cover.” The people of Geneva and Frankenstein himself become disturbed by the creature from the beginning by just looking at him. The creature came to life before

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