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Frankenstein Essay Kristian Villagomeza HUMN 401 Mr. Mark Wallace Outline I. Introduction – The monster a. Comparison i. How the monster was created 1. Raw materials ii. How the monster was feared 2. All adults feared him by physical appearance a. Even the creator feared b. Contrast iii. Idea of the monster – Real vs. Ideal 3. Frankenstein’s intention b. Intended to create life, or put life into inanimate beings 4. Society c. Viewed the monster as grotesque i. Rendered the monster to do evil things c. Key element – Secrecy iv. Good 5. Kept him away from society to let him learn language 6. Learn kindness and love and care v. Bad 7. Learn his truth and grow hatred towards his creator 8. His exposure to nobody still kept him viewed as a creature The character I have chosen in the book and movie of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, to make a compare and contrast about is the Monster. Many people correlate the name Frankenstein with the monster, which is completely false. Frankenstein is actually the mad scientist who craves to reanimate life into dead bodies or bring life into inanimate beings. The monster is never given a name, in the book nor even in the movie; but in both novel and film, the monster is created with various raw materials of human beings. These materials range from different body parts from many different people: grave-dug limbs stitched together, the biochemical element of amniotic fluids, and brains from past masterminds. This was the concoction to bring Frankenstein’s insanity, “sane.” After Frankenstein’s 2 years of solitude and dedication to “infusing life into an inanimate body,” he is finally able

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