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Crystalyn Persico Professor Wallace HUMN401 Film and Literature Frankenstein March 8, 2012 Mary Shelby’s book, Frankenstein, and the movie written about her book, is a story that takes place in Europe during the 1800’s. It full of wonder and suspense, with many levels comparing real life complexities; in both the book and the movie there are common themes of human nature; examples of skepticism, fear of the unknown or what we could not explain or having a blind eye to the truth, to searching the secrets of life or gaining knowledge at all cost. One approach to the story of Frankenstein can be intrepid to be about a two young man who are on a parallel path in pursuit of the knowledge of the secrets of life, both having to abandon this search at the end with great consequences. Robert Walton being one of the men is an Arctic seafarer, driven to find the earths magnetic pull, prepares to journey to the North Pole, a place where no man has gone before, leaving his life and loved ones behind in this pursuit. He gets stranded between sheets of ice and is waiting out the storm when Victor Frankenstein, being the other of these men, who was born into a well to do family in Geneva, having an obsessive interest in science and is also in pursuit of the secret to life through his studies at Ingolstadt, becomes obsessed with the idea of creating life after the death of his mother giving birth to his bother, also neglecting is family duties, finds his truth and creates an intelligent but hideous creature in his interpretations. Victor realizes the grave mistake, regretting his actions, which cost him dearly with the loss of all his loved ones, spends the rest of his time in search of destroying his creation when he cross paths with Robert and shares his story of tragedy. In my opinion, because Victor is telling the story, the reader is getting a slated view of this

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