Frank's Visit To Mexico Essay

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Frank's Visit to Mexico Stephanie Conrad COM/260 January 21, 2012 Dr. Leonid Chernyak Frank's Visit to Mexico Frank would have served himself and his company much better had he prepared for his partnership endeavor by investigating the culture of his host country. (Agriculture, 2012) If his company does not offer information on other cultures Frank should have seen this as an important preparation for his trip. Frank’s assumptions that he would engage in business dealings during Juan’s lunch break is a key indicator that Frank was not being respectfull to the business involved in cross country business dealings. (Agriculture, 2012). Frank arrived for a lunch meeting expecting to negotiate a deal on a partnership. Lunch in Mexico is a social occasion. Juan probably arranged this meeting in hopes of sharing his culture and getting to know Frank’s company using Frank as a model in determining how compatible their business interests might be.for a partnership. By not employing ettiquette in his attempt to close his deal, Frank most likely cames across to Juan as overbearing , rude, and, unpleasant. As Frank showed no curiosity for the rich culture of Juan’s culture and customs Juan most likely saw no potential in a business relationship with Frank’s company. Had Frank enlisted some intellectual curiosity in his assignment he could have represented his company in a better light and fully explored the possibilities of the propsed partnership. He could of anticipated this new culture by reading a simple travel guide. Mexico City is rich in heritage and ancient culture, to ignore that does not provide a very positive impression to others. In my personal experience offering Brandy is a show of hospitality, so Frank’s flat refusal of Juan’s prooffering would be seen as boorish and downright rude. Had Frank familiarized himself with Mexican customs he

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