Francisco Solano Lopez Essay

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Francsico Solano Lopez The most prominent figure of Paraguayan politics in the mid 1850’s and 1860’s, Francisco Solano Lopez, was an incompetent leader that drove his country into the ground in pursuit of his own personal glory. On several occasions throughout his time as the President of Paraguay, Lopez successfully misread the actions and diplomatic stances of other nations leading to the disrespect and demise of his own nation. As a diplomat he was arrogant and aloof and as a military leader he was incompetent, selfish, and unaware. The misguided actions of Francisco Solano Lopez as a military leader and a diplomat can be directly related to the defeat of the Paraguayan army and Paraguay’s inability to prosper as a nation in the mid to late 1800’s. Francisco Solano Lopez was a poor diplomat who lacked any sense of empathy, and made his decisions primarily based off of his own self-interest. Unfortunately for the nation of Paraguay what was in Lopez’s best interest, in his mind, was not always what was in the best interest of Paraguay as a whole. For example, when the Argentinean president Urquiza requested that Francisco Solano be his newborn daughter’s godfather, Francisco replied that he would be honored to do so. Despite Francisco expressing his gratitude to Urquiza for being given such an honorable position, Francisco decided that he would not attend the baptismal ceremony. Unfortunately for Lopez he did not realize that his actions would eventually become a military issue for him and that snubbing the Argentinean president’s daughter was actually a serious diplomatic mistake with his more powerful neighbors to the south. Despite his father’s warnings, Francisco continued to act on his own accord. Before his passing, Francisco’s father, the President of Paraguay at the time, told him that because Paraguay was so small that he could only settle disputes

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