Francisco Pizarro's Failure To Conquer The Incan Empire

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Francisco Pizarro The man who conquered the Incan Empire did so, at the modest age of about 40. Francisco Pizarro obviously didn’t do this task all by himself but with the help of about only 100 foot soldiers who were determined to help conquer the Incan Empire. His conquest started in Panama, 1513, where from there he had several expeditions to Peru where he encountered many failures but great retaliations. Expedition after expedition Pizarro would learn many lessons but why did he succeed? Francisco Pizarro of Spain succeeded because he had a rise to fame, thought logically, and had power and authority. Francisco Pizarro wasn’t known very well before he conquered the Incan empire, but he the way he started his rise to fame was by being…show more content…
And that tactic is called the element of surprise. On his final expedition to Peru, his main objective was to conquer the Incan Empire which had a little over thirty-thousand warriors. Of course Pizarro was aiming high but at the same time, he was so confident that the upcoming battle would be a breeze, that he only brought with him two-hundred men and about sixty horses. So he was outnumbered, out supplied, and not savvy with the landscape of Peru. So again I ask the question a little bit differently. Why and how did Francisco Pizarro succeed? Well he decided that the best way to attack was to attack them head on. But before he in engaged in any warfare, he had to be a little more informed about his enemy. He learned that the leader of the Incan’s was called Atahualpa, and logically he was the main person to go after. So his plan was to invite Atahualpa and negotiate money, but while they talked they would assault and kidnap him leading to war, but without someone coordinating the Incan’s battle, they would mindlessly run into the Spaniards guns. And the plan worked! The Incan empire was defeated and Spain took over
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