Francisco Madero And Benito Juarez: The Cause Of The Mexican Revolution

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July 24 2014 The Cause of the Mexican Revolution The Mexican Revolution in 1910 was one of the biggest turmoil of the 20th century. It changed Mexico’s politics forever. Francisco Madero and Benito Juarez tried making Mexico a more honest country but president Porfolio Diaz would stay in office for 35 years, holding them back. The combination of a corruption and corrupted leaders changed many Mexican lives and eventually a revolution would start. Porfolio Diaz was holding their economy back, politics was corrupt and the people of Mexico wanted change. To begin with, the Mexican revolution occurred socially. President Diaz didn’t care about the poor, just the small group of the rich. He made decisions to please them based on the fact that he knew they held more power, therefore, he would be reelected, he often took bribes from his rich companions. President Diaz supported the middle class very little. They barely had education and…show more content…
Their efforts were greatly appreciated till this day for making their country a nice and livable place. The Mexican revolution ended like most revolutions do. The citizens revolted for economical. Social and political reason and the Mexicans stood up against Diaz to make what Mexico is today. Woks Cited Knight, Allen. "The Mexican Revolution." History Today. HistoryToday, n.d. Web. July 2014. Feature Mexican Revolution." PBS. PBS, n.d. Web. June 2014. Barbezat, Suzanne. "The Mexican Revolution." About. Aout Tarvel, n.d. Web. June 2014. Easterling, Stuart. "Mexico's Revolution 1910–1920." Issue #93. Journal of Latin American Studies, 1992. Web. June 2014. Cabrera, Luis. "The Mexican Revoltion- Its Causes, Purposes and Results." JSTOR. Sage Publications Inc, n.d. Web. June 2014. Rowe, L. S. "The Mexican Revoltution : Its Causes and Consequences." JSTOR. The Academy of Political Science, n.d. Web. June

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