Francisco Goya Essay

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Francisco Goya (1746-1828) Goya was born in Fuendetodos, Spain, in the kingdom of Aragon March 30,1746, to Jose Benito de Goya and Garcia de Lucientes. He spent a small portion of his childhood in Fuendetodos before moving to Zaragoza were Goya attended school at Escuelas Pias. In Zaragoza at the age of 14, he became the apprentice of a well know painter Jose Lujan. He moved to Madrid where he studied with a painter popular with Spanish royalty, Anton Raphael Mengs. It said the Goya and Mengs argued a lot and Mengs disagreed with Goya’s examinations of art. After falling out with Mengs he sent applications to the Royal Academy of Fine Art in 1763 and 1766, but was denied. In 1771 he journeyed to Rome where he got second place in a painting competition organized by the city of Parma. Later in 1771 he moved back to Zaragaoza and painted his first frescoes one in the cupola of the Basilica of the Pillar, the cloisters of Aula Dei, and the Sobradiel Palace. In Zaragaoza during this time he studied with Francisco Bayeu y Subias were his painting began to show the delicate color tones he became famous for, he painted mostly with oils and with the technique called al secco. Due to this technique he would Later be called “ The Father of Modern Art”. Through Francisco he met his wife Francisco’s sister and Francisco was a member of the Royal Academy of Fine Art due to this Goya was able to work in the Royal Tapestry workshop in the School. He produced 42 patterns which he used to decorated Palace Real de El Pardo which was built as a home for the monarchs of Spain. This gave him access to the royal court which led to him being a member of the Royal Academy of Fine Art. In 1783, the Count of Floridablanca requested that Goya paint his portrait this led to many portraits of royalty Spain and
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