Francis Cormier Analysis

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Cormier initially introduces reality v appearance which is echoed through the rest of the book. Francis is informative at the beginning seeing this quote “My name is Joshep Francis Cassavant and I have just returned to Frenchtown in monument and the war is over and I have no face”. Francis points out his name, where he lives and the fact that his face got blown off. He reveals three insignificant facts in the first sentence show he is a disturbed character .Furthermore, Francis states “oh, I have eyes because I can see and ear-drums because I can hear but no ears to speak of, just dangling bits of flesh”. The narrator uses lexis,”oh” which has a very casual connotation. This supports that the narrator is disturbed as he casually enlightens us with his horrific war injures which are very graphic and he blends in with other texts which makes the us have doubts in whether to trust him or not. Additionally, the narrators ends the paragraph in an amouns way as articulates “But not having much success “, this tells us that he has no sense of humor and that this line is isolated which makes us have a nerve ending. Hence, making us feel uncomfortable. Moreover, the narrator uses a isolating sentence “and finally I pray for Larry LaSalle”. Cormier goes on to mention “I just prayed for the man I am going to kill “.This is very…show more content…
This character is portrays the idea of appearance v reality which is a good literary technique used by Cormier. Throughout the book Cormier builds up tension as we are forced to guess what we are being told ,as we strive to unravel the complex relationship between Francis and Larry LaSalle
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