Franchise Oportunity Essay

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Franchise: Hooters Location: N First and E Herndon Fresno. CA. Demographic: Sports fans Sport teams Men 25 to 55 years old. Why: There is only one other Hooters restaurant in Fresno and its located nearly 5 miles away from the new location. Fresno is a sports city with a primary demographic of college student and working class individuals. Demographic requirements for Hooters are 100,000 to 150,000 people per 5 mile radius. Fresno clearly exceeds the population requirement and can potentially sustain up to 3 Hooter franchise restaurants. Their are existing businesses in the surrounding area along with surrounding shopping centers that are in direct view of on coming drivers. In addition, there is an existing TGI Fridays across the street. This can prove to be beneficial to our location by prospering from their marketing effort. “ Why spend the money when its already been paid for you” Rule number one when opening a business is “ location, location, location”. N First and E Herndon will prove to be a suitable location for Hooters. By placing it across town from the existing Hooters, it will give the new restaurant enough space to attain self identity. This location can prove to be less costly because of the overwhelming marketing being done by the surrounding businesses. Work Cited Hooters Franchising. Citing Website. In Hooters of America Franchise Qualification. Retrieved April 29, 2013. <>. Parpal, Monica. Choosing a Location for Your New Restaurant.”Looking at Local Area Demographic”. Retreived April 30, 2013. <>. Spaeder, Karen E. How to Find the Best Location. “Check your

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