Franchise History of Miami Dolpins Then and Now Essay

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Franchise History of Miami Dolphins Then and Now The Miami Dolphins are in the American Football Conference, and within this sector the league will change owners, stadium names, head coaches, and quarterbacks, this leads one to ask is a team better then versus now. The original owner of the Miami Dolphins was Joseph “Joe” Robbie. Joe Robbie owned the Miami Dolphins from 1966-1990. Joe Robbie paid $7.5 million back in 1966 for the team franchise (Carroll). In 1965, a contest was held to name the new Miami AFL franchise. There were several thousand names submitted; a total of 19,843 entries. The winning name, “Dolphins,” was submitted by 622 entrants. The Miami Dolphins was the first AFL team in Miami of the NFL (Carroll). Later, the franchise was purchased in 1994 by Wayne Huizenger for $138 million. Because of the death of Joe Robbie, his family found it difficult to keep the team so in January 2009 to current, owner Stephen Ross paid a total value of $ 1.1 billion for the Miami Dolphins (Illustrated). The stadium plays an important role to the franchise of the Dolphins. The original stadium name was Orange Bowl Stadium, but after the 1986 season it was known as Joe Robbie Stadium, the original and then owner of the Miami Dolphins. In addition, to the stadium name changing, so did the capacity of the stadium seating. In the 1960s, there were 72,000 seats (Carroll). However, when the stadium name changed to the Joe Robbie Stadium, it was remodeled to hold up to a capacity of 75,000 orange and teal seats that surround the field. The owner, Joe Robbie, included ramps and escalators that were accessible to all seats and also included high definition score boards at each end zone (Carroll). Later, the stadium name was changed several more times to: “Pro Player Stadium”, “Dolphins Stadium”, “Dolphin Stadium”, “LandShark Stadium”, and currently now as “Sun Life Stadium”

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