Franchise Analysis

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Making a decision to purchase a business franchise takes serious though and consideration. The decision to purchase a franchise comes from the information supplied by the franchisor. The businesses disclosure information must be thoroughly evaluated and must be provided to you the potential franchisee according to the Federal Trade Commission’s rule 436. Due Diligence “Due diligence is the process of investigating the merits of a potential venture and verifying the key claims made in the business plan.”(Barringer & Ireland 2008) Environmental risks are risks to which a business is exposed and has no direct control, such as price risks. Examples of other environmental risks faced include such things as changes in tax law and changes in customer demographics. Entrepreneurs may wonder about a lot of things while signing up to take a contract; the oral answers will not do. Make sure you have them jotted down in the contract so as to work for you and your company. Even the slightest detail of prices hiking with inflation and the like should be mentioned. Franchise Recommendation As aforementioned, the risks associated with franchises cannot be overlooked or disregarded; you need to, as an entrepreneur, carefully analyze the risks involved in taking up a franchise in order to progress in your venture. The following are the franchises available to choose from: 1. Lawn Doctor. Inc. 2. Bark Busters Home Dog Training and G’day! Pet Care 3. Discount Party Store Developers Bark Busters is a home-based business, so you will not need an expensive other location for your business. You will also receive rights to an exclusive territory to ensure you are never competing with any other Bark Busters. The three of them are very different from each other in terms of business as well as their domains and reach. If you’re planning to purchase any of the franchises listen

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